Editor’s Note

Many of us wish we could escape to a tropical island but most of us never try it. Well I’m a little different! I was locked out of the big city housing market when I had the opportunity to buy a humble cottage on a small island that is a commutable distance off the coast of Brisbane. I jumped at the chance. 9 years later I’m still here, besotted with my island and keen to share why.

Island life is easier and more attainable than you think. Is it financially and socially viable for you? I don’t know, but Coochie Island News and this blog will give you a glimpse of what living on a small island is like, so you can make up your own mind.

I grew up in Sydney and have always loved the sea. I have settled here for many reasons but essentially because this little island and it’s sand, sun, sea and stories have got under my skin. I am attuned to the ebb and flow of the tide and I walk home after work each day with my head tilted upwards to gaze at the moon and the stars so visible in the inky sky above. Full moons over the water are spectacular. I sit under them, on the ferry, and gaze in wonderment as we pass underneath, just ordinary commuters heading home to a place of wild and natural beauty.

I now call the moon “my moon” because it has become so familiar to me. In the big cities I can’t see my moon and my stars. I can’t see my wide blue sky. I can’t smell my sea. I don’t have enough room to breath in the cities. And, in most cities etiquette or dirty footpaths preclude bare feet; yet, when I can’t feel the earth, sand and sea on my skin I am cut off from my source. I belong here. This small island is my home.

And these are our stories.