Donations to assist CIN’s running costs are welcome year round.

We have a live fundraising campaign right now until 14th May 2021, for our insurance. Like to help? Links and more information below:

CIN’s Facebook Fundraiser
CIN’s GoFundMe Fundraiser

About CIN’s Insurance Fundraiser, May 2021

CIN’s multimedia/business/defamation/PI/PL Insurance is the once a year big bill that is difficult to pay – our broker has done a great job of reducing it from 2019 rates but it’s still too big for advertising/sponsorship funds to cover.
Thanks in advance if you can help support us – every little bit counts and is gratefully received.

How we say thanks

The name of each donor (unless anonymity is preferred) is honoured on CIN’s website as a Friend of Coochie Island News; and donors in 2021 are invited to CIN’s Christmas party which is always a wonderful way to connect!
We run campaigns on Facebook and a GoFundMe because feedback from donors was that they had strong preferences for one or the other. Once the amounts raised in both campaigns adds up to our goal – $1118 – the campaigns will be switched off, until next year.

CIN’s Facebook Fundraiser

Thank you!